Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community


Minutes – LVH Management Meeting – at 7pm Tuesday 16 January 2024

1.   Welcome

The chair welcomed everyone  and offered belated New Year greetings.

2.   In Attendance

A August, J Beck, J McMahon, G Wright, P Davidson, J Humphrys,  K McKenna, T Stroud, I Fordham, N Richardson


M Davies

3.    Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of meetings on 21 November 2023 were approved and signed.

4.    Matters Arising –

5.    Declarations of interest – None

6.    Action Log



Person responsible

Progress 16 January  2024



New Actions from 21 March 2023


Contact Northern Powergrid re increase in electrical phase


IF/KM Checking to see if proposed supply is enough. Work continuing.



New Actions from 18 July  2023


Talk to Julia R re lease and possible new constitution


Work continuing; New discussion needed



New Actions from 17 October  2023


IF to ask Julia R if there is funding available from The Percy Trust, for stonework repairs.


Return to this once we have a clear picture of what we intend to do.




JH to ask Roger S to replace circuit board if needed.

PD to ask his son to check the current circuit board for faults.


Initial work completed without removing the circuit board; partial success; work round completed.



New Actions from 21 November  2023


Lead discussion on power supply/ energy


Update given



Creating a folding door between the supper room and main hall  as future development


Option not included in development plan as not likely to work as intended.



Respond to PC offer to buy  yellow no parking cones


Cones available; stored at Bowls Club



Fit tiles in the storage area and repair bridge tables


Carpet tiles fitted and working well



New Actions from 16 January  2024


Seek quote for Independent examination from Northumberland Accountants 






Update development plan to reflect Dementia report & other decisions





Survey to assess implication of new power supply.

Continue discussions re use of grant from Northern Power









Seek grant funding for hall repointing





Advise Taylors about Landermason





Email JH re safeguarding





7.    Treasurer’s report

The general income is slightly in excess of expenditure, although we still have the most expensive heating bills to come.  The new savings account has yielded close to £1000 interest. Preparations need to be made for the end of the financial year.

Agreed: Will ask for a quote for independent examination

Action: IF to approach Northumberland Accountants for a quote for the work.


8.   Dementia Audit report

Key points for making the hall more Dementia friendly were discussed. Some are relatively straightforward, for example, reducing the temperature of the hot water,  painting threshes and door frames a contrasting colour. Others have greater cost implications and will be considered in the longer term.

Action: identify improvements that fit into the development plan. KM

Power supply & Energy

Increase in power supply is not needed for the current use of the building; but provides an opportunity for future proofing and reducing our carbon footprint.  May need rewiring in the hall which would be too costly.

Action:  seek an initial survey from an electrician to see if a new supply can be fitted in the hall without the need for extensive work. IF, KM and Roger S.

Action: IF to continue to discuss use of the £20k grant from Northern Power in a different way.

9.   Repairs & Maintenance- gutters and pointing

Need to clear the gutters twice a year currently, but by fitting commercial Gutterguards, gutters would only need to be cleaned every three years.

Agreed:  KM  to add this to the development plan

10.  Development – folding doors

Having a folding door between the main hall and the supper room not to be taken forward at this stage.

11.  Perimeter Wall

The stonemason has completed the work exceptionally well.

Quote given for the repointing of the outside of the whole of hall.  The urgent work is on the front of the building and this is within the quotation as well as being listed separately.  The work is likely to cost in the region of £40 -£45k

Action:  JH to seek grant funding for the work.

12.  Booking of Landermason

Agreed: accept J & N Taylor’s offer to negotiate a concert in July

Action: JH to advise the Taylors of the decision

13.  AOB

·        Reminder that the walk around the hall to identify maintenance needs and to update the development plan will take place at the next meeting in February

·        Sensor light in the main part of the toilets is not working – add to maintenance list

·        Safeguarding training available

·        Action: Email JH re interest in either face to face or on-line safeguarding training which will be made available.

·        General enquiry from the village shop re use of the kitchen for sandwich making in the early part of the morning. 

Agreed: would need to have relevant hygiene certificates.  Further discussion needed about hiring costs

The Meeting ended at 8.07pm


Dates of next meetings: Tuesday 20th February 2024

 All meetings start at 7pm

Tuesday 20th February 2024

Tuesday 19th March 2024

Tuesday 16th April 2024

Tuesday 21st May 2024 ( AGM)

Tuesday 18th June 2024

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Tuesday  20th August 2024 (if need)

Tuesday 17th September 2024

Tuesday  15th October 2024

Tuesday 19th November 2024

Tuesday 17th December ( if need)

These minutes represent a true and accurate record