Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community

We aim to have a workshop at least once each term. Below you can view them by clicking on the thumbnails.

23 October 2023 – Ruth Bond

Thanks to Janet’s hard work we were fortunate to engage Ruth Bond to demonstrate her way of painting

Dunstanburgh castle (unfinished) by Ruth Bond

27 March 2023 – Diana Fitzpatrick

Time for another workshop. So on the 27 March 2023 we were lucky to engage Diana FitzPatrick to do a workshop with us showing us how to work with Lino cutting.

28 February 2022 – Michael Ewart

On 28 February 2022 we held another workshop. This time we had the pleasure to watch and listen to Michael Ewart, a local Northumberland artist.

Michael Ewart 28 February 2022

4 October 2021 – Nick Potter

After nearly two years without workshops we have now enjoyed one with Nick Potter on 4 October 2021

Nick Potter 4 October 2021

We have also had workshops with Renira Barnes, 5 February 2018, Tony Montague, 20 October 2019 and Rosie Young, 11 November 2019.

Francis Buckingham

7 November 2017

Joe Hush

22 March 2017

Carole Dodds

6 February 2017

Linda Birch

7 November 2016

Val Payton

4 April 2016

Jane Murray

19 October 2015

Clifford Blakey

20 April 2015

Peter Robbins

11 February 2015

Francesca Simpson

3 March 2014