Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community


It is a pleasure to be presenting a report for the first time in two years which reflects a more normal year for the hall. With COVID restrictions lifting ,gradually we have enjoyed a return of group activities. Two groups restarted in June 2021 and by September most other groups had resumed, although the wearing of masks and safety measures continued to be implemented.
Unfortunately, a long serving committee member, Charles Jones, passed away suddenly and is much missed. Our treasurer, Nigel Towers, resigned in March this year after 11 years of excellent service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his dedication to keeping our finances in good order. We also gained a new committee member, Peter Davidson who represents indoor bowls. We are delighted to have finally managed to acquire a new treasurer, Ian Fordham, who lives in the village and will take over responsibility with immediate effect. We wish him a very warm welcome from all the committee.
As usual there have been a number of maintenance issues : radiator and pipe leaks in the main hall; masonry  falling from the ridge above the front door; leaking guttering and broken kitchen taps. All these issues have been remedied. The outside storeroom door needs replacing and we are awaiting this being completed.
The variety of groups using the hall has continued to grow as we welcomed Alnwick Creative Stitchers and a book group, each of which meets monthly. Unfortunately, Archery and Spanish ceased after Covid.
Film nights resumed and the community choir goes from strength to strength and is planning a concert in the hall in June. Through INTO films for schools we hosted students from Hipsburn school for 4 separate film shows this year 
Most users of the hall have benefitted from the new laser projector system ,the camera facility and the ability to use zoom during meetings. Alncom broadband was installed at no cost to us for a trial year and we are led to believe that it will continue to be so in the future. Our old projector was sold to a neighbouring village hall.
We have received two gifts from former committee members this year. There is now a beautiful bench to the front of the hall, bought with a bequest from the late Colin Whitney and a laptop bought by Mary Hollins in memory of her husband, Peter Hollins.
Our involvement in the green energy feasibility study is progressing well and we are looking forward to the next stage of development.
New ventures have included an evening with a local author and for the first time we acted as a warm hub & refuge centre to local residents as a response to the impact of storm Arwen. Some areas of the village had no electricity for up to 11 days so the warm hall opened for use of the kitchen and Wifi to enable people to work. 
A busy year for us all. My thanks go to everyone who has worked so hard to keep the hall functioning and flourishing this year. 

Jan McMahon
Chairman – Lesbury Village Hall