Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community

Hi friends, Thank you for your kind comments – I’m so glad you enjoyed the workshop yesterday and found the hints and tips useful. Thank you for your interest and for having a go. 

For anyone who wasn’t there: best practice as advised by many artists and art books is: 

1) Improve a photo which has potential but maybe dull lighting or a boring sky-  by combining it with a more interesting sky. Ideally one which points to your focal point. 

2) Try out three thumbnail sketches to decide on the best composition. Plan your tones. Tones are the most important element of a successful painting, even an abstract. 

3) Artistic licence allows you to leave distractions out, move things and even move the position of the sun! And improve the colour scheme. 

4) I showed the group two ways of flipping an image as seen in these photos- ask me again if you missed it. 

And below are my demo paintings at close of play yesterday. The seascape was done from scratch in an hour ( on a pre- toned ground in apricot/ peach)  and the lion shows the benefit of the increased contrast I added in the demo. 

Neither painting is finished yet but I’ll send photos when they are! 

Happy painting, I’ll send a separate email revealing the secrets of what we as judges looked for in art competitions on the Costa Blanca. 

Jan x