Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community

Community Choir  :   THE ALN SINGERS

The Choir Leader Sylvia Fancy writes: 

This project began in February 2018 simply to give the opportunity for anyone who likes singing, or who thinks they might, to come together for the pleasure of making music.   Some of us have good voices, some have not sung for years and want to get those vocal chords going again!  It doesn’t matter which, if you would like to come and give it a try, please know you are more than welcome.  At present there are around 10 or 12 gentlemen coming and 24 or 26 ladies but this will vary from week to week.

So far we have sung some unison folk song settings such as “Down by the Sally Gardens” and the “Skye Boat Song”,   “Wouldn’t it be loverly” from My Fair Lady   and also tried a bit of 3 part singing in “Down by the Riverside”.

The most important thing is that everyone who comes enjoys the hour.  I would like them to be a little challenged each week as well so that they go home, not only with some new melodies in their head but also feeling pleased with themselves!

At present we meet in Lesbury Village Hall from 3.45 to 5.00 on a Thursday.  There is a cup of tea or coffee afterwards with a biscuit and the session costs £2.00.

Do come and give us a try.

At the “Warm Hub Summer Gathering” in Seahouses