Dance Fitness 11.00am till 12.00pm and 12.15pm till 1.15pm Thursdays

Tina Stroud Writes…

I am a Dance Fitness Teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching this type of class.  I have just completed refresher training to bring my skills right up to date.

This class is aimed at those who are young at heart but perhaps whose bodies might be less fit than they’d like.   The class will go through a warm up to get the body ready for exercise followed by some stretches of your major muscle groups.  I then like to teach a few dance moves which will make a routine that can be repeated.  I hope to include exercises to strengthen and improve muscle tone.  I usually use chairs to assist for balance when standing and to complete more strenuous exercises in seated positions.  I finish off using a cool down with more stretching to alleviate any potential for aching muscles.

I use music throughout the class that suits the movements I want you to learn and there is an element of both body and brain fitness which I believe is the way to keeping you as young as possible despite the advancing years.

All ages and abilities are welcome as I will try to offer alternatives so everyone can participate.  Wear loose clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in and shoes like trainers as you will move around the hall.  Also bring water to stay hydrated.

The class costs £4.00 per week.