We plan to show films again from Friday 17th September.  By then, we hope there will be new films available to show and Covid restrictions will be removed. 
There will be a film at 7pm on the third Friday of the month. 
Tickets will be available from the Post Office from the 1st of each month.
If restrictions are still in place the equipment will be sanitised before and after use. You may be required to wear face masks. One or two people may be asked to help with cleaning door handles, switches and window catches. They will be provided with gloves and wipes to do this.
You will be asked to use the QR code if you have a smart phone.   If not, please put your  name and telephone number on the back of your ticket and put it in the envelope provided. This will give us track and trace information which will be kept in a sealed envelope and when no longer needed it will be destroyed in line with our village hall data protection policy.

As always, we will send email updates, including the titles of forthcoming films to members of the film Club.  There is no charge for membership. If you would like to join the film club and have not registered yet, please send your email to info@lesburyvillagehall.co.uk