We started our Garden Club on Tuesday 1 September at 7.30pm with a talk on Bees from Professor John Hobrough.  Click for our programme to date, but restrictions, including three lockdowns have meant that the hall has been closed now for several months.  We plan to try zoom technology and Tom Pattinson will hold our first on-line talk on Tuesday 2 February 2021.   We will let you know as soon as we are able to get back to meetings in the hall. We anticipate that if we do open soon we will continue to follow the guidance set out below.   

Chairs will be in place before you come into the hall and put away by the same people who will wear gloves to do that. These chairs will not not be used again for seven days.

One or two people may be asked to help with the cleaning door handles, switches and window catches. They will be provided with gloves and wipes for this. The equipment will be sanitised before and after use.

Unless you have a medical reason not to do so, we will ask everyone to wear a mask.

You will be asked to leave contact details for track and trace; the information will be kept in a sealed envelope and when no longer needed, it will be destroyed in line with our village hall data protection policy.

About the club

The club has over 30 members, some of whom are very good gardeners. Others are keen gardeners and some of us are beginners. Our interest in gardens and in gardening brings us together once a month throughout the year. We are a relatively new group and we usually meet on the first Tuesday of every month. 

In the autumn and winter we invite guests to talk to us and, where possible, to provide a practical element to the evening. We have learned to cultivate orchids, to make herbal teas and have enjoyed the sweet smell of roses and the taste of honey.

Members of the group suggest ideas for talks and often help to organise the events. Usually we wend the evening with tea, coffee and an informal discussion.

Spring and summer provide opportunities for us to be out and about. We have visited one another’s gardens and had set up a series of visits to gardens of different kinds. Hopefully these visits will be rearranged.

We offer tips and help to one another and have plant exchanges. We also support the Lesbury in Bloom Gardeners’ Question Time.

New people are very welcome to join us. At the moment we make a small charge that covers the cost of hiring the hall and the fees of external speakers.

If you want to know more, or talk to Tim, our organiser, please email him at bendixt@icloud.com or call 01665 830806 (evenings).