Photography Group

The next meeting of the Photography Group will be on:

Wednesday 7th August


The theme to be submitted at the 7th August meeting is 


  Members are asked to enter up to 5 images.


The group is primarily for beginners of all ages who would like to improve skills and
develop their interest in photography.
Meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday evening of each month from:

7.00pm – 8.00pm

For further details, please contact Colin Platt:
Tel: 01665 833126 or 07484111400
Visitors are very welcome.
We meet at the Village Hall in a relaxed, informal & friendly atmosphere.

July's meeting

Richard Booth was our guest speaker at the meeting on Wednesday 3rd July. Richard is an expert when it comes to nature and wildlife photography.  The quality of his work is depicted in the small sample of photographs which are shown below.

It was very interesting to learn one or two tricks and Richard was very generous in sharing his knowledge with the group.  We learned about the importance of compensating for light conditions and typical exposure settings in order to capture the best quality image available.

Ian Fordham carried out a short Q & A session relating to his ‘Street Photography’ presentation last month

Last month’s theme using the letters of the alphabet M. N & O rendered over 50 images and it was agreed to present these at the next meeting on 7th August.

Dragon Fly
Barn Owl
Barn Owl
Great Crested Grebe
Great Crested Grebe
Great Crested Grebe family
Great Crested Grebe and family

June's meeting

We welcomed Patricia Manson as a new member at our 5th June meeting.

Ken Ramsey made some very informative comments about the few remaining images relating to his talk on the subject of ‘focal length’.

A discussion took place regarding topics for future presentations such as cropping and resizing, filters, sunsets, head shots and silhouettes (this is not an exhaustive list) and members were asked to suggest additional topics. 

Trevor Robinson presented 23 images based on his holiday in Croatia.  Some images from his talk are shown below: 

Ian Fordham delivered a most enjoyable presentation based on ‘Street Photography’ and a selection of his images can be seen below: 

2 people on bike

May's meeting

In late March/early April 2024, John and Kathryn Godfrey took a cruise from Cape Town up the west coast of Africa, visiting Namibia, St Helena (mid Atlantic), The Gambia & Senegal; ending the cruise in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. At our 1st May meeting John presented a wide range of photographs from the trip.  A very small selection are shown here:

Table Mountain, Cape Town
Table Mountain, Cape Town in South Africa
Female Impala
Female Impala
Dakar Senegal
Dakar in Senegal
Storm in mid Atlantic
Storm in mid Atlantic
Green Monkey
Green Monkey

April's meeting


At the last meeting on 3rd April, Ken Ramsey presented a rerun of his earlier talk about the aspects of ‘Focal Length’.  The presentation was to a bigger audience and the feedback was very positive and Ken managed to demystify the relationship between focal length, depth of field and aperture.

Jenny Garside occupied the second half of the meeting with a fabulous mix of photographs from her recent ’round the world’ holiday with husband Mike.  A very small selection is shown here:





The 12 Apostles
The 12 Apostles, Australia
Great Ocean Road
Great Ocean Road, Australia
Rotorua, New Zealand
Rotorua, New Zealand
Purple Orchid
Purple Orchid

March's meeting


The subject matter at the meeting on Wednesday 6th March was ‘Focal Length’.

Ken Ramsey talked us through the various aspects of focal length and the impact it has on ‘depth of field’ and ‘aperture’.

Delivering a talk about this important subject is very difficult and Ken broke it down into simple terms by way of a series of images and graphics.  

A few images from his talk are displayed here:




March’s theme was three letters of the alphabet (J, K, L) to begin the title of each image.

Here are some of the examples shared with the group:

Lonely Seal
Last of the Lancasters

February's meeting

The theme for February was Parallel Lines and/or Spherical Objects and as usual members used their imagination and came up with some excellent photos; some of which are shown here:

Members were treated to an insight of Ian Fordham’s recent visit to the Falklands.  Some of his photography is shown below: 


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