Lesbury Village Hall

A little gem at the heart of the community

“The Chef Show” took place on Sunday 30th January at Lesbury Village Hall and was a sell-out success. Lesbury provided the only venue in Northumberland to host this Highlights-supported production on its 22 night tour and the performers were bowled over by the warmth of the reception they received. The main action took the form of a play set in a local curry house on a busy Saturday night. The Show’s director Stefan Escreet of Keswick-based Ragged Edge Productions should be complimented on the staging and lighting which ensured that the village hall provided a convincing scenario for the action.

The parts of both the staff and customers were played with astonishing versatility and dazzling sharpness by the Show’s two stars Kamal Kaan and Rohit Gokani. Written by Anglo-Bangladeshi Nick Ahad, the play mixed pathos with humour alternately challenging and entertaining the responsive audience.

The icing on the cake – or more accurately speaking the spice in the curry – was expertly delivered by local chef Rahim Uddin who took time out from his “Mivesi Restaurant” in Alnwick, which he runs with his wife Amina, to bring a fascinating authenticity to the evening. From his centre-stage kitchen range Rahim filled the hall with the enticing aroma of spicy Bangladeshi cuisine, outlined his cooking techniques and distributed delicious food samples.

After being the venue last year for top class Indian Dance Lesbury Village Hall can be justly proud of its success in again bringing varied and rewarding audience experiences to this corner of Northumberland.